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Jerusalem Real Estate ‘The City of Gold’

Jerusalem Real Estate ‘The City of Gold’

It can be challenging finding the right home, especially since every country is vastly different. Researching general real estate information is not going to help you especially if you are looking to buy in a specific area. Listed below are some great tips to guide you in the right direction and help you make an educated decision!

Choose the Right Location & Community

Do you need to be near transportation, synagogues or schools? You need to make sure you research the area thoroughly as each neighborhood & community will be different – make sure it suites your needs.

Hire Professionals

Hire a Real Estate Agent – It is also important to hire a professional real estate agent to help you find the right home.  Finding the right location within your budget might be challenging to bring together, and an agent who has experience is the only way to make this happen. It is important to know that in Jerusalem both the buyer and seller will pay a commission to the real estate agents who are facilitating the sale.

Another helpful fact is that when you are looking at real estate in Jerusalem, it is required that you sign a “Request For Real Estate Services” form. This is an Israeli law and is something that cannot be avoided. This may come as a surprise if you are from another country, but it is simply a part of the routine process.

Hire a Real Estate Lawyer – It is very important to hire a real estate lawyer when you are searching for your property. The laws are very different in Israel than in most other countries, which can make finding a good home relatively tricky. A lawyer will help make sense of the legalities involved to ensure you are actually obtaining the property you want with no hidden surprises!

Know Your Budget

The prices of properties will vary from place to place, it is very important to know your budget before setting out to find a property to buy. You need to be practical with regards to your budget, since hiring professionals is also an important part of finding great real estate in Jerusalem. You may want to consider a mortgage, since Jerusalem has great mortgage policies that can help you get an appropriate loan should you need one.

With these helpful facts, you are on your way to finding amazing property that will soon become your treasured home in Israel.



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