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5 Jerusalem Hotspots You Can’t Miss

5 Jerusalem Hotspots You Can’t Miss

OK, so you’ve visited the Western Wall, Mamilla Mall and all of Jerusalem’s other well known attractions. Now what?

In honor of summer, the Jerusalem municipality offers a wide variety of unique, new places and events, most people have yet to visit. We went for a walk in the city, and found the best 5 New Jerusalem hotspots and events you can’t afford to miss this summer.

 The Umbrella Street

Over 1,000 colorful umbrellas covering to sky, is a great way to welcome the summer. Since the end of July, Yoel Moshe Solomon pedestrian mall in Nachlat Shiv’a neighborhood is covered with umbrellas, hovering over Jerusalem apartment building tops, suspended by wires.

This colorful display enriches the entire street, creating a unique experience for all visitors – both locals and tourists – not to mention providing the much needed shade in the hot Israeli summer. The Umbrella Project will be available until October 5th, and also includes many street artists, local music shows, etc. Don’t miss out on Jerusalem’s most colorful event.

 Jerusalem Night Market

Most used to shop during the daylight hours, maybe at twilight at best. How about doing some shopping during the night?

The Jerusalem Night Market is open on Thursdays all year round, between 15:00 and 22:00. This unique art market, located on Yaffo St. (between Zion Square and Generali Square), includes hundreds of stands offering jewelry, sculptures, paintings and drawings, etc. Between the various stands one can enjoy various street shows, live music, workshops, and plenty of unique attractions.

During the Sukkot holiday, the Night Market will be available everyday (29.9.15 – 1.10.15).

 Jerusalem Time Elevator

Want to go on a trip to space? Or maybe a deep sea adventure? Always wanted to visit the dinosaurs? Now you can, and all of it in the comfort of a chair.

An interactive, multi-sensual experience will take you to times and places you can’t possibly reach. 2D and 3D display, moving seats and amazing audio quality, allows one to visit Jerusalem’s 3,000 years of history, above and below ground; take a trip in enchanted India and also visit the human body and travel through space.

Each show is available in various languages, and guarantees a wonderful, educating, and entertaining experience. For prices and schedule visit:

 Piyut Festival (Jewish Music)

When was the last time you were touched by Jewish chanting, penetrating straight to your innermost being? Probably in your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Now you have a chance to reconnect to Judaism’s best parts, and dive into amazing Jewish chanting at the Jerusalem 8th Piyut Festival, held during the Jewish New Year, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (17.9.15 – 21.9.15).

The festival offers a unique encounter with the world of Jewish Piyut prayers. During the event, one can enjoy the opening concert, various musical groups and singers, ancient women’s song, movies about the subject, workshops, etc. For further details visit:

 Jerusalem Biennale 2015

Contemporary Jewish art is at the heart of the Jerusalem Biennale, held since 2013. Among the various exhibitions, located in different venues throughout the city, once can enjoy themes such as Judaica, motherhood, contemporary Jewish art from NYC, Torah illustrations, and many more.

The Jerusalem Biennale will be available during 24.9.15 – 5.11.15.

For further details visit:



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